Engineering Services

Field Survey & Construction Planning

Whether you are responsible for a large or small construction project planning ahead is paramount. You need to have a clear understanding of the project lifecycle to efficiently manage the construction. Layer One employs experienced construction and system surveyors who will come to your construction site to help plan your communication infrastructure. We’ll discuss your project’s scope and needs to design a unique system which fits your plan from top to bottom.

Our field survey team will ensure you have an accurate picture of your communication system before you start construction. We’ll examine your project’s systems, budget, company needs, local regulations, and any security concerns you have. Then our team will survey the site and help model the communication system in CAD programs. When we’ve completed our field survey, we can transition right into designing and constructing the IT infrastructure you need.

Don’t wait till construction is almost complete before you consider your communications infrastructure plan. Working with Layer One will provide you an optimized IT system designed to be built directly into the building. With changes in technology and systems happening at a rapid pace let Layer One Field Survey & Construction services provide you some piece of mind by delivering a future proof communications infrastructure.

LayerOne Helps Plan Your Large Construction Project and your Infrastructure From Beginning to End.

System Design

Our Registered Communications Distribution Designers (RCDDs) and network infrastructure experts use best industry practices to help construct efficient and state-of-the-art wired/wireless networks and security systems. Layer One’s designers will work directly with your IT personnel through the full network and system design lifecycle to provide you with a streamline process to lessen administrative overhead. This single vendor model allows your company to save time and money.

Layer One’s design process involves blending the client’s network needs with the best technology available. Our RCDDs will meet with you to complete an analysis of the project. This analysis will include such things as: bandwidth and usage requirements, local requirements, security posture, and building standards/codes. Following the analysis, we will utilize our CAD services to create a construction model which can be molded to meet changes throughout the project lifecycle.

Layer One guarantees that by working with our team early on and throughout the full process lifestyle that we can provide you with a network or system that has low overhead while delivering on all your company’s needs. In choosing a company like Layer One you are getting an experienced partner that through a streamlined design to implementation process can save you money and reduce redundancy.

When it comes to your network system, LayerOne can design and build a turn-key solution from the ground up.

CAD Services

When it comes to professional Computer Aided Design (CAD) services Layer One is the company you can trust for all your private and public sector needs. Our expertly trained staff members are available to answer any questions you may have regarding CAD. If you are looking to improve design quality and save time on projects, we have the answers to all your design headaches.

What makes our CAD services stand out from the crowd is our company’s mission to share the industries newest technology and materials with you all the while upholding the highest level of quality. We offer 2D and 3D drafting services for the private and public sector ranging from roadway layouts to aerospace design. CAD can increase output by streamlining your production thus allowing you more time to focus on your clients and their needs.

Layer One is a quality resource for your all CAD requirements and our team of experienced professionals are ready to take on any project in which you need assistance. We have worked in many sectors including data, voice, video, security, and electric so we are confident in our abilities to handle your IT CAD related needs. If you are interested in learning more about the CAD services we offer contact our office today to speak with one of our team members.

If you are looking to improve design quality and save time on projects, we have the answers to all your design headaches.

As-Built Documents

As-Built Documents are an important artifact of most projects allowing the project owner and construction manager to ensure that infrastructure installed by the contractor was done so to specification and any subsequent approved changes were documented properly. These types of documents can also be used as supporting and reference documentation during future maintenance of a facility.

Layer One can help you create As-Built Documents specific to your needs. While it can be a challenge to get each change documented Layer One has developed a process by which you, your architect, or your contractor can easily record and document these changes through the use of our services. As-Built Documents are a significant aid for any renovations or additions made in the future and having proper documentation can assist in saving time and money.

While providing As-Built Documents isn’t always a requirement on projects offering them can show your company’s dedication to professionalism. Layer One can help you create a legacy with each project you complete. Let Layer One help you start your legacy.

During the project lifecycle it is important to keep an archive of all changes made to the project throughout construction.