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Our industry-certified staff bring years of experience. We offer communication system consultations to many industries including construction, maintenance, and engineering. Click the button to download Layer One’s Capabilities Statement:

Infrastructure Cabling

A solid and reliable network is only as good as the infrastructure that connects it. 

The load on the today’s physical network infrastructure has increased due to higher data demands, the advancement of Power of Ethernet (PoE), and the convergence of multiple technologies.

Navigating these new network demands is what we do for our clients. Our expertly trained staff will design, engineer, and build a physical infrastructure that will keep current technologies running efficiently while providing growth for the future.

Our Infrastructure Division maintains a staff of BICSI certified professionals as well as BICSI and Manufacturer certified installers that remain on top of the latest industry technologies and standards.

Space Planing and Design

  • Data Center Layouts
  • Cabinet & Rack Layouts
  • Pathway Design

Copper Solutions

  • CAT5e
  • CAT6
  • CAT6a
  • COAX
  • High Pair Count Copper
  • Termination
  • Testing
  • Certification

    Fiber Optic Design, Installation and Maintenance

    • Design
    • Loss Budgeting
    • Cable Placement (Inside and Outside Plant)
    • Termination
    • Splicing
    • PON (Passive Optical Networking)
    • Testing (OTDR & Power Meter)
    • Fiber Audits
    • Splicing Matrix Creation & Management

    Layer One provides complete design, engineering, and build services for any network infrastructure project.

    Access Control Systems

    Layer One provides the latest in industry leading access control systems to ensure your facility is properly secured. Our team will design and install an access control system that fits the needs of your facility.

    Below is a list of some of the options we offer in our access control systems:

    • Prox Card Readers
    • Prox & Pin Readers/Keypads
    • Cloud Based Access Control Management
    • Local/Service Based Access Control Management
    • Bio-metric and Retinal Scan Readers
    • Card & ID Printing and Management Systems
    • Key Fob or Badge Access Credentials
    • Bluetooth / Mobile Access Credential


    One of the simplest was to enhance building security is to lock your doors. We can help with that.

    Audio / Video Solutions

    Layer One provides and supports the latest in Audio/Video Distribution technologies for numerous applications such as Corporate Offices, Conference Facilities, Schools, and Retail. Our A/V services are available to a variety of public and private organizations.

    Audio / Video Solutions

    • HD Monitor and Projection Systems
    • HD Video Distribution
    • Digital Signage
    • Integrated Control Systems
    • Conference Room Collaboration
    • Distributed / Zoned Audio
    • Paging / Intercom Systems
    • Fixed and Motorized Projection Screens

    Students spend 75% of the time listening in the classroom. Let’s make sure they can hear and can be heard.

    Data Center Solutions

    Layer One understands that Data Centers are a Mission Critical part of your overall IT infrastructure. This is why you should choose us because we come with the expertise and knowledge to provide complete white space construction, modifications, and data center maintenance services. Layer One has been providing these services to mission critical facilities across the country for many years.

    Data Center Solutions

    • Cold & Hot Aisle Containment
    • Hard Panels
    • Vinyl Walls
    • Pre-Action Roof Systems
    • Drop Away Rood Systems
    • Air Flow Management
    • Power Busway
    • Cabinet Installation
    • Leak Detection
    • Temperature and Humidity Sensor


    Layer One provides complete turnkey services for the Data Center White space.

    VOIP & UCaaS Solutions

    Layer One provides consultation, design, sales and service for your VOIP and UCaaS (Unified-Communications-as-a-Service) through our branded Cloud Core hosted VOIP phone service that provides industry leading communications solutions for any size business.

    • System Evaluation
    • System Planning and Design
    • Implementation and Deployment

    More information on these offerings can be found here:

    Outside Plant Services

    Layer One has the expertise and capability to provide full outside plant services. We have expertly trained staff that have many years of experience completing outside plant projects from design to implementation.

    Cable Placement & Splicing

    Fiber | Copper | Coax | FTTP/FTTH  | Aerial | Underground

    Conduit Infrastructure Services

    • Design & Engineering
    • Directional Bore
    • Open Trench
    • Duct Bank


    • Concrete Encased
    • Handhole / Manhole Placement
    • Right of Way Construction

    Fiber Optic Solutions

    Fiber Optic technologies have become common in almost all of today’s networks.  Quality fiber optic installation by certified personnel is essential to guaranteeing network reliability and up-time. The smallest reflective event on a strand of fiber can result in drastic performance degradation. Our fiber optic installation engineers and technicians are certified by the leading manufacturers in the fiber optic industry to properly design, install, and maintain a fiber optic infrastructure.

    Fiber Optic Solutions

    • Design
    • Loss Budgeting
    • Cable Placement (Inside and Outside Plant)
    • Termination
    • Splicing
    • PON (Passive Optical Networking)
    • Testing (OTDR & Power Meter)
    • Fiber Audits
    • Splicing Matrix Creation & Management


    Quality fiber optic installation by certified personnel is essential to guaranteeing network reliability and up-time.

    Video Surveillance

    Video Surveillance technologies are constantly evolving and changing. At Layer One our team works directly with the industry leading manufacturers to ensure that we are up to speed on the latest technologies and products. This allows us to provide our customers with the best possible solutions to meet their current and future needs.

    Video Surveillance Solutions

    • Facility Video Monitoring
    • Virtual Perimeter Monitoring Systems
    • Vehicle and Pedestrian Counting
    • License Plate Recognition
    • Remote Video Monitoring and Storage
    • Cloud Based NVR Solutions
    • Traffic Heat Mapping
    • Remote Solar Surveillance Systems
    • Wireless Surveillance Solutions
    • Job Site Surveillance
    • Camera Pole Installation

    Discover the potential of A.I. video analytics and video management software to maximize security for any building. 


    Every year the number of devices enabled with wireless capabilities increases. These devices are now creating a demand on your wireless network that can lead to bandwidth issues, security breaches, and connectivity problems. Businesses who rely upon wireless networks to communicate with one another and interact with their customers can be paralyzed by these new demands. Without a reliable and secure wireless network your productivity could grind to a halt costing your business money. Let Layer One staff design and implement a reliable and secure wireless network to combat these new demands.

    The highly skilled communication system engineers at Layer One will design, build, and implement a wireless network for your business. We’ll work with you to determine your needs and craft a customized wireless plan that will meet all your bandwidth and security requirements. Our process starts with an in-depth site survey and interview to determine things like power consideration, wiring requirements, and access point placement. Whatever your business’ unique system requirements we’ll come up with a solution which works for you. You and your employees will be able to work anywhere without having to worry about internet access. Protect your network and your business with wireless installation services from Layer One.

    We will ensure your wireless network has enough bandwidth to keep things running smoothly.